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Ilmenite Ore Beneficiation Plant

Ilmenite Ore Beneficiation Plant

Processing Capacity: depending on specific situation

Processed Materials: Copper, zinc, nickel, gold and other nonferrous metals, coarse and fine separation of nonmetals like coal, fluorite and talc.

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For Ilmenite beneficiation, a combined beneficiation method is often better than a single beneficiation method, which can better improve the ore grade and recovery rate. At present, the combined separation method for ilmenite can be divided into four kinds, namely, magnetic separation + flotation separation, gravity separation + flotation separation, magnetic separation + gravity separation, gravity separation-magnetic separation-flotation separation-electrostatic separation.

1. Magnetic separation + Flotation Separation

It has been a difficult problem to recycle micro-particle in the beneficiation of ilmenite. In the beneficiation work, flotation method can only achieve the recovery operation of the ilmenite less than 0.02 mm to a certain extent, but the fine mineral powder after flotation will still have a lot of quartz and other gangue, which seriously drags the quality of flotation. Therefore, a magnetic separation is very necessary before flotation. After the combination of the two methods, the refined ore grade and total recovery rate will be much better than the single magnetic separation or flotation.

Magnetic and flotation of Ilmenite

2. Gravity Separation + Flotation Separation

Using gravity separation + flotation process has a good selection effect for ilmenite under grade 6%. The grade can be directly raised to more than 30% after gravity separation. And the final ore grade can reach 47% after flotation separation. The recovery rate is close to 30%, and it can produce a sulphur concentrate of 40% grade at the same time. From these data we can see that this method can better improve the utilization of resources.

Gravity Separation and flotation separation of ilmenite

3. Magnetic Separation+ Gravity Separation

For Ilmenite, although a single gravity separation or magnetic separation can complete the selection of tasks, however the combined method of magnetic separation and gravity separation is better, which can reduce production costs and increase efficiency. The grade of concentrate can reach 50% and the recovery rate can reach 80% by using this method.

Ilmenite Ore Processing/Concentration Plant

4. Gravity Separation+ Magnetic Separation+ Flotation Separation+ Electrostatic Separation

If the gangue in the ore is with titanium, plagioclase, and sulfide minerals, gravity separation and magnetic separation are used to exclude the plagioclase. Flotation separation is for desulfurization operation. At last, using electrostatic separation dislodges titanaugite. Through this combination of programs, it can better improve the grade and utilization of ore. And this method has good effect on ilmenite with lower grade.

The above four methods are mainly aimed at the beneficiation of ilmenite, if you want to know more ore processing/concentration methods about the metal minerals and non-metallic mineral, you can consult our customer service or leave us a message directly. Welcome to inquire the price of the ilmenite ore beneficiation plant online.

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